Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Holiday Shopping Tips for Saving Time and Money

(ARA) - The holiday season is a time for family, friends, giving, eating and festivities. It should not be centered on stress, anxiety and debt. Here are some tips for getting organized early, saving money and staying sane in preparation for buying gifts for those you love this year.

Make your list and check it twice.

Creating a list of who you need to buy gifts for this year is an essential first step in the gift-giving process. In order to find the perfect gift for each person on your list, make notes about his or her hobbies, passions, upcoming travel plans -- anything to help add that personal touch. Those few extra moments of individualizing your list will make a big difference in your final gift-purchasing decisions.

Prepare a budget.  

Avoiding over-spending can be overwhelming, but getting a handle on your budget will help you to avoid the post-holiday credit blues. First, come up with an overall budget that you want to be sure not to exceed this holiday season. Assuming you have done this, use that list to create a general spending limit for each person. Using your overall budget as a guideline as you go will help to ensure you do not go overboard spending cash this holiday season.

Start early.

Before the haze of the holiday sets in and the impulse to purchase consumes you, start your shopping now. Nothing causes more anxiety than scrambling to buy last-minute gifts. Many retailers entice buyers to start early by offering pre-holiday sales and discounts. Be sure to take advantage of these sales!

Research online.

Now that you have your holiday shopping blueprint, you must do your homework before making the final purchases. Shopping online provides you with the tools to “visit” every store imaginable with the click of your mouse. Compare and contrast prices, checking your budgeting sheet as you go. There is always a deal out there to be had in the cyber world. The BeautyReMarks e-zine is loaded with great deals and articles to make it even easier.

Use coupons.

Online couponing sites make saving extra cash easy by offering free shipping and percentages off your final purchase. ( allows visitors to search by store or by category, is updated throughout the day and provides deals from over 1200 merchants. You will be amazed at the amount of money you can save by shopping from the comfort of your own home. Save time, gas money and your sanity!

Reward yourself.

With all of the stress and money you save by organizing, budgeting, starting early and scoring deals online, you might as well reward yourself on your gift-giving efforts. Use some of the extra money you save this year and treat yourself.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Earn Your Shopping Black Belt on Black Friday

(ARA) – Shopping the sales is a great way to save money this holiday season. Everyone knows the best sales are found on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, when malls are packed with people finding great gifts at even greater prices. How do you make the most out of the bargain-hunter dream day?

“During this tight economy, getting that awesome gift is possible with a little creativity and preparation,” says Steve Kemble, "America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru" and General Growth Properties  gift-giving expert. “The hustle and bustle of the malls on Black Friday is exciting, but to make sure your shopping is a success, I have a few suggestions.”

Kemble, a nationally recognized professional event planner who has appeared on countless TV and radio programs, offers these high-impact, low-stress shopping tips for a winning Black Friday:

1) Develop a Shopping Budget and Strategy

First and foremost determine how much you can afford to spend on your holiday gifts -- especially in the wake of current economic challenges. Be smart and realistic -- it’s not how much you spend, but the thought behind the gift that’s important. Also, now is the perfect time to discretely start asking friends and relatives what they want for the holidays. Once you determine which gifts you need, you can decide what stores to tackle on Black Friday. Plan your day around getting those must-haves before they run out. If needed, you can always plan a second trip to the mall for more common gifts that are likely to remain in stock for a longer period of time. GGP malls are a great one-stop shop for all things holiday.  

Once you know what stores you want to visit, go online and review a layout of the mall to determine where to shop and locate the best place to park. Think about whether you are going to take trips to your vehicle to drop off packages. Feel like spoiling yourself a little? Many malls offer valet parking during the holidays, so you might consider this option as well.

2) Comparison Shop

In order to streamline your shopping experience, start a list of the items you need to purchase. Watch for ads in the newspaper and on television at least two weeks prior to Black Friday. GGP malls are a great one-stop shop for all things holiday and offer great retail offers and fun holiday events on Black Friday. Visit for more event information.

3) Eat, Drink and Shop Happy

It is important to stay hydrated and eat a balanced meal while shopping. After all, you need your energy! Successful shoppers know that they need to start their day with a nutritious breakfast. Pack some bottles of water and small snack items to take with you on your trip and you’re off and running. Additionally, it's always fun to plan for a wonderful lunch with family and friends during your day of shopping. Consider eating a little earlier or later than the traditional noon hour. While others are eating you can be scooping up all the sale items.

4) Partner Up for Festive Fun

For those who need a little shopping advice .... form your own Black Friday shopping team. Recruit friends and family members to provide the extra hands you need to get the best deals. And award your own “black belt” to those who successfully help you reach your goals. At the end of the day you can treat them to a GGP Mall Gift Card for all their help.

5) Think About You Too

Don't hesitate to think about one item you have always wanted for yourself while you are shopping. Adding a certain something just for you makes the day fun. We have all been guilty of going shopping and buying more for ourselves than for others. If you train yourself to know that you are going to get one fabulous gift for yourself, you'll begin to cut back on that habit.

Follow these helpful tips, and you will certainly be on your way to attaining your black belt in shopping this holiday season.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Reuse and Rejoice: Eco-chic Gift Ideas that Give Back

(ARA) – The holidays are a time of celebration, where goodwill is spread and gifts are exchanged with loved ones. As more people go green and give back in all aspects of their lives, it’s no surprise that great gifts now embrace this concept. This year, give something different that is sure to make everyone smile.

Here are some easy and affordable eco-chic gift ideas:

1) Gifts that help

The holidays are all about the feeling of giving back, and what better way to show you care than to give a gift that was made under fair practices? Naturally inspired bath and body products that don’t test on animals and contain ingredients that were obtained through fair Community Trade practices are great gift ideas that the recipient is sure to enjoy and feel good about.

The Body Shop is a company that practices all of these ideals. Ingredients are not tested on animals and they just celebrated 21 years of Community Trade relationships, where small community farmers and businesses in some of the poorest areas across the world have access to a fair wage earned in fair work conditions. Their pioneering program has benefitted over 25,000 people in more than 20 countries. Here are some feel-good gifts from The Body Shop that will delight the senses during this magical time of year:

* The brand new Warm Amber scent range features natural Community Trade ingredients including cocoa and shea butter from Ghana, honey from Zambia, and sesame oil from Nicaragua. Also, the Cranberry body range offers a festive and fruity scent that is classic to the holiday season, and Vanilla Spice is a delicious range with notes of orange, cinnamon and ginger. All of these fabulous scent ranges are infused into a variety of products such as bath crystals, body shimmers and lip balms. Who wouldn’t want to find them in their stocking?

* The limited edition Sparkle Seduction collection is inspired from this winter’s key look: natural glamour with an edgy twist. Products feature Community Trade marula oil from a women’s co-op in Namibia, an ingredient that moisturizes and conditions skin. You can look and feel your best whether at the office during the day or out on the town celebrating the season.

* Men’s Bath and Body: Your favorite guy is sure to appreciate a gift featuring products made specifically for him. The Maca Root range for men energizes skin and conditions while protecting against irritation caused by daily shaving.

2) Reuse, rejoice, recycle.

Whether you are looking for the perfect package to give your perfect gift, or want to reuse what you’ve been given, don’t put bags and bows in the trash, reuse it! Here are some smart holiday ideas:

* Recycle packaging containers -- bath containers are often high quality and can be used again after you have enjoyed them. The Body Shop creates packaging with the intention for creative reuse. For example, your body butter containers are perfect to house your favorite jewelry in.

* Gift wrap -- use old posters, colorful bags, holiday sections of the paper, old holiday cards or even colorful clothing that you don’t wear any longer. Remember to save gifted ribbons and bows for future use.

* Promote reuse -- shop antique stores for unique gifts you’ll not likely find anywhere else. Retro items can be a great hit, and bring back memories of the past.

3) Homemade gift items.

Creating your own gift is somewhat of a lost art. Not only is a homemade gift one-of-a-kind, it also can be highly personalized and is likely to be remembered much longer after the tree comes down. Here are some ideas:

* Foods: From sweets to sauces, creating a favorite food for a loved one is an easy way to send holiday love.

* Holiday Decor: There’s a reason the homemade holiday ornament you gave your mother is still hung up 20 years later, it’s a gift that means something.

* Crafts: Consider creating something clever, personal and useful. For example, clean out your used The Body Shop bath containers and decorate with collage, beads and other items to make a personalized storage container.

Not very crafty? Just create a homemade card to go along with your purchased gift. Write out a nice note to the recipient telling them your appreciation for them in your life, especially during the holidays.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A ‘Well-being Routine’ – the Real Key to Health

(ARA) – As important as a fitness routine is to your physical health, it’s just as vital to have a “well-being routine” that focuses on your mental health. Being well-rounded physically and mentally can foster balance between your work and personal lives, and help reduce everyday stress.

Stress is a major and growing health concern in America, according to the American Psychological Association (APA). In fact, a third of all Americans say they are extremely stressed, and 77 percent report experiencing physical symptoms associated with stress, according to an APA study.

“Stress is a normal part of life, and small amounts can actually make you stronger physically and mentally,” says Martica Heaner, a health, fitness and wellness expert. “But when stress builds up and becomes overwhelming, it’s time to take action to manage its impact on your life. Looking after yourself by focusing on your wellness is one of the very best ways to take care of what’s on the inside as well as the outside.”

Americans are more focused on overall wellness than ever before, a fact that has not escaped the notice of companies like The Body Shop, Heaner notes. The Body Shop, long recognized as leaders in the naturally inspired beauty industry, recently launched a line of Wellbeing products that fit into four key aspects of a wellness regimen – Divine Calm, Total Energy, Deep Sleep and Pure Detox.

Your well-being routine should help you create calm, get adequate rest, re-energize and purify your body, Heiner says.

Creating Calm

* Manage small stressors. Try not to over schedule yourself or constantly react to every demand on your time. For example, rather than constantly checking e-mail throughout the day, schedule a few regular times to do so.

* Give yourself time to do nothing at all. Turn off the TV. Don’t answer the phone. Or soak in a hot bath seasoned with a calm-inspiring bath product. Look for products, like The Body Shop’s Divine Calm line, that incorporate naturally calming ingredients such as French lavender essential oil, camomile and soya milk.

Reaping the Rewards of Rest

* Sleep deprivation can leave you feeling “hung over,” impair you as much as several alcoholic drinks, shorten your attention span, make you feel sluggish and even cause you to overeat.

* Follow a calming routine prior to bedtime. Incorporate some pampering in your routine, such as a relaxing shower, soothing moisturizer and a spritz of calming scent in the room, on your pillow or bed sheets. The Body Shop’s new Wellbeing line includes five products designed to enhance rest, like the Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow and Body Mist.

* Get extra sleep whenever possible. Set the alarm to go off at the last possible minute, instead of setting it earlier and hitting the snooze button a few times. Your body will benefit more from those extra 20 minutes if they’re uninterrupted.

Re-energize Your Body

From improper nutrition, to lack of sleep or exercise and dehydration, there are many reasons why you might feel fatigued.

* Never skip breakfast. Even a small bowl of cereal or a piece of fruit can help you energize for the day ahead. Eat more if you exercise in the morning and will be expending energy.

* Put nutrition first, and worry less about calories, carbs or fat. Add some colourful vegetable or fruit to every meal – spinach or red peppers on your sandwich or pizza, beans in your salad or pasta.

Purify Your Body

You can minimize your exposure to environmental toxins with a few simple steps:

* Choosing organic foods can help you reduce the amount of toxins you ingest.

* Eat more walnuts and walnut oil, which are high in Omega-3 fatty acids that help quench free radicals in our bodies.

* Drink more water. To function at their best, every cell in your body needs to be properly hydrated. Getting enough water can help you feel less tired and flush toxins from your body.

Choose all-natural products in every aspect of your life, from the cleaning products you use in your home to your beauty products. The Body Shop’s Wellbeing products are made from all-natural ingredients like guarana, wasabi, lavender, camomile, eucalyptus and jujube date. Plus, every product contains ingredients sourced through the company’s Community Trade program, so while you’re taking care of your own well-being, you’re also helping communities around the world in places like Ghana, Brazil, Zambia, Namibia and Nicaragua.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Women Use Friendship to Tackle Domestic Violence

(ARA) - Whoever first said that “a friend in need is a friend indeed” certainly knew what she (or she) was talking about. Good friends encourage you to live your dreams, and stand by you through good times and bad. And, as one recent poll shows, women are most likely to confide in a friend when they are facing violence in their home.

“Women draw support from friendship on so many levels, from sharing beauty secrets and common experiences to dealing with life’s ups and downs,” says Shelley Simmons of The Body Shop, whose recent global survey revealed that 59 percent of women are most likely to confide in a friend if affected by domestic violence. “Social misconceptions about domestic violence may make women feel more comfortable confiding in a friend whom they can depend on for caring, nonjudgmental support.”

No one is certain exactly how common domestic violence is since many cases probably go unreported. The U.S. Justice Department, however, estimates the number of annual cases somewhere between 960,000 and 3 million. Across all age groups and social strata, women experiencing violence in the home are far more likely to turn to a friend for help than anyone else, including police, health care providers and support groups, The Body Shop survey shows.

“With the approach of International Friendship Day in August, it’s a great time for women to get educated on how to recognize the signs of domestic violence and what to do to help a friend going through it,” says Simmons. The Body Shop’s 2008 Stop Violence in the Home Campaign focuses on how friendship can provide a lifeline to women in crisis, and promotes education on how women can help each other if they are facing domestic violence. Also, for every “For Me, For You” Shea Lip Care Duo sold, the company will donate $9 of the purchase price towards domestic violence prevention, education and rescue.

Tell-tale signs a woman is experiencing violence in the home include:

* She has become quiet or withdrawn from friends.

* She ends phone conversations suddenly when her partner appears.

* Her friends feel unwelcome or tense when her partner is around.

* She shows signs of difficult-to-explain bruises or cuts.

* She has mentioned that her partner is possessive or jealous.

* Socially, she begins to see less of her friends.

“Once a friend confides in you about violence in her home, there are many things you can do to help her,” Simmons says.

* Be patient. Listen, but don’t judge. She must make decisions about her life in her own way and her own time.

* Don’t be critical of her partner, as this may make her feel ashamed and prevent her from confiding in you again.

* Don’t give up if you lose contact with her for a while. She may temporarily retreat.

* Tell her that the violence isn’t her fault; it’s a choice and her partner is the only one responsible for his behavior.

* Remind her that domestic violence is illegal and the police have to investigate. Encourage her to seek confidential help from the police.

* Continue to support her and don’t give up on her. You may be her only lifeline.

* Finally, if you suspect she is in immediate danger, you have no choice but to go to the police. Saving her life trumps saving the friendship.

“You may not know someone who is dealing with domestic violence, but it’s still possible to help those who are,” Simmons says.

First, education is key. Teach your teen girls that domestic violence is never acceptable. Second, be the best friend you can be; you never know what emotional challenges a friend faces. Simply by sharing love, support and fun times, you could be giving support to a friend who needs it, even if you don’t know it yet.

Finally, support causes that raise funds for victims of domestic violence. “Not only does buying a ‘For Me, For You’ Shea Lip Care Duo support efforts to end domestic violence, it’s also a great way for someone to show a friend she cares and give her a gift that will make her feel good about herself,” Simmons says.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Body Shop Offers Tips to Earn Extra Money and Stretch Your Dollar

(ARA) – With items like gas and groceries at record highs, it seems that virtually everyone is feeling the crunch from the increased cost of living. Many American families have been re-evaluating their budgets and contemplating ways to increase cash flow and still enjoy time with their nearest and dearest. As the cost of living increases and the holiday season draws near, it is worth looking at entrepreneurial ways to help ensure that your cash flow doesn’t fall short.

Believe it or not you can be your own boss and work part-time.  

One way to earn extra money and still have a social life is to combine the two. Many popular brands have a direct selling arm, so you can become a consultant for them. For example, The Body Shop At Home is a business that is different, which allows consultants to throw parties and sell their favorite products, and represent a business that shares their own personal values. Consultants have flexible scheduling options and work as little or as much as they want hosting parties that feature a broad line of The Body Shop products, including some exclusives that can’t be bought anywhere else.

“Women and even men enjoy shopping this way because they get all their personal products in one place so as well as all the other great benefits they also save gas money,” says Jo Price, sales director for The Body Shop At Home. “Also they have the added benefit of knowing they are making a difference through their purchase. Many of the products contain Community Trade ingredients bought from small-scale farmers at a fair price, giving them a stable income and hope for the future. This means that every time you sell a product you know that you are supporting communities who would otherwise struggle to make a living wage, so when you buy The Body Shop At Home products you get the added feel-good factor of knowing you’re buying high quality beauty items made through fair business practices.”

“Additionally, the exclusive products we sell are really great and are something customers get really excited about because they can’t find them in stores or anywhere else. For example, the Rich Plum bath and body range is a best seller along with the Shimmer Cubes eye shadows, made with Community Trade Marula Oil. For the one stop makeover, women love the exclusive Eye, Lip and Cheek Palette that has everything you need for day or night. This job really allows women to do something they enjoy, be their own boss, and feel good about how they earn my money.”

If you’re looking for additional ways to earn or save cash, there are many options. Try having a garage sale, sell your items on eBay or to a second-hand store. When shopping, plan out your trips and stick to a budget. You might even consider trading services with someone. For example, offer childcare services in exchange for a neighbor fixing a leaky faucet.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Body Shop Unveils The Latest Make-Up Collection For Autumn 2008

Edinburgh, United Kingdom (PressExposure) September 18, 2008 -- The Body Shop is launching its brand new autumn 2008 Colour Trend Collection; a make-up collection called Deadly Night Shades. Offering a number of on trend shades of make-up to help customers create their autumnal femme fatale looks, the launch of this new range from The Body Shop comes just days before the release of the company’s new Nature’s Mineral make-up range, available in the UK from the 14th September and in the US October 1 through The Body Shop at Home.

With fashion and beauty aficionados putting emphasis on sleek, seductive shades and silky textures this autumn, The Body Shop Deadly Night Shades Collection features plush designs and jewel-like finishes, making an ideal accompaniment to the new Nature’s Mineral range

New products in the Colour Trend Collection include Dune Pink Cheek Bloom, an incomparable cream blush that boasts a smooth-as-silk texture. Striking new eye looks can be achieved with the use of the new Eye Pencil, available in either Cactus Green or Rocky Blue. A new eyeshadow in shades including harmonious Khaki Green and Eucalyptus Grey is also available. The brand new Lip Click from the Body Shop is also set to be unveiled, available in two intense shades with super gloss finish, namely Spiced Red and Dusky Pink.

As with many other The Body Shop products, the Deadly Night Shades Colour Trend Collection embraces nature’s own ingredients, featuring hydrating Night Blooming Cactus extract, and also Community Trade moisturizing marula oil from Namibia, Brazil nut oil from Peru, and organic beeswax sourced from Zambia which is included within the mascara.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Body Shop Release New Detox Range

Edinburgh, United Kingdom (PressExposure) October 10, 2008 -- The Body Shop has revealed the new products that will make up its new "Simply Purify" range, designed to cleanse and purify the skin.

The "Simply Purify" products are part of the new Wellbeing range which The Body Shop unveiled recently in stores around the world and which are also available online.

The Simply Purify collection aims to aid the body's natural detox process and refresh the mind, helping the body to feel purified, rebalanced and revived.

All of the products are preservative free and contain several key ingredients designed to revive the senses, including, rosemary, lemon, eucalyptus, wasabi and Bladderwrack seaweed.

Bladderwack seaweed is sourced from the Roaring Water Bay Cooperative in the Republic of Ireland. Environmentally-sound and wild-harvested, this seaweed is entirely natural, grown without chemicals or fertilisers, and it’s also 100% sustainable due to the frequency and method of harvesting. Its hand cut from the rock with the root left intact, allowing the plant to re-grow. The cooperative invests profits back into the local community, helping build a brighter future for the area.

The Simply Purify range comprises every type of product to help rejuvenate and detoxify the body and mind - a clarifying clay body mask, essential oil, body gel, rejuvenating bath soak and an exfoliant sisal cleanser.

The "Simply Purify" range is part of the new Wellbeing range from The Body Shop, with other ranges to suit your lifestyle needs, from Deep Sleep and Divine Calm to Total Energy.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Body Shop Offer Tips and Hints on Beauty Advice

Edinburgh, United Kingdom (PressExposure) October 08, 2008 -- The Body Shop, the UK based ethical cosmetics company, are inviting customers to visit The Lounge, a new section on their website which outlines how to make the most of products from The Body Shop.

This section of the site was added following the recent global expansion of the website

The Lounge features images, text and video content featuring The Body Shop’s products and offers advice on how to use them in order to gain the best results from them.

Customers visiting The Lounge will find information on the new Nature's Minerals Make Up range from The Body Shop with video clips showing how to apply the make up correctly and how to achieve different looks.

Tips and hints are also available from international make up artist and beauty representative for The Body Shop, Chase Aston. As the make up stylist for 57 covers of Cosmo magazine as well as numerous covers and editorials for Vogue and Elle, few are in a better position to offer make up advice to The Body Shop's customers.

There is also advice on how to identify the best products for you from the recently released Wellbeing Range . The Wellbeing Diagnostic tool helps customers decide which products in the new Wellbeing range are right for their lifestyles; Total Energy, Divine Calm, Deep Sleep or Pure Detox.

Visitors can also keep up to date with The Body Shop's Community Trade program which aims to benefit the communities from where the Body Shop's ingredients are sourced.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Body Shop Unveils New Products to Combat Tension and Stress

Edinburgh, United Kingdom (PressExposure) October 09, 2008 -- The Body Shop, the world’s leading ethical cosmetics company, has recently unveiled new products designed to help you wind down and de-stress. Users of the new products can soothe the body and relieve tension with a massage and bathing regime based on the calming benefits of lavender essential oil and Community Trade camomile.

A key ingredient in the new Divine Calm range is pure French lavender essential oil. Herbalists have used lavender for centuries and with its vibrant colour and wonderful perfume it has a unique appeal and aromatherapists have long used it to help promote relaxation and ease stress.

Camomile also features heavily in the Divine Calm range from The Body Shop. The camomile used by The Body Shop is sourced through the unique Community Trade fair trade programme . The Body Shop sources camomile water and essential oil from a small co-operative of farmers based in Norfolk England, and the farming methods used by the cooperative helps protect the quality of the environment in the area, while trade with The Body Shop generates essential income.

The Divine Calm range includes Heavenly Shower Gel, Serenity Milk Bath Powder Sublime Body Lotion, Massage Oil and Essential Oil, which user trials showed were each highly effective at easing tension and relieving stress.
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

South Main Designs (tm) Offers Free Jewelry Kit to New Consultants

Tired of the "old" jewelry companies? Looking for a jewelry company that can really take you to the top of the direct sales "food chain"?

How about a home party company with fewer than 400 consultants nationwide?
How about a direct sales jewelry company that LET you advertise and recruit on the Internet?
How about an up and coming direct sales jewelry company that provides a corporate trainer to ensure a strong start in your first 6 weeks of your home party business?
How about a 40% commission on every sale - right from the start?
South Main Designs (tm), a relative newcomer to the home party business, is no stranger to fashion jewelry and accessories. With over 14 years in the fashion accessory industry, the Rogers family of Findlay, Ohio, has built on decades of home party experience to create a truly consultant-focused business, that gets it right, right from the start.


Jewelry consultants can select from one of three kit options - and have the opportunity to earn their kit free. When new consultants meet minimum sales goals during their first 90 days, the kit is paid in full.
New consultants also have an additional opportunity to add free pieces to their kit when additional sales goals are met.
South Main Designs (tm) is not just high quality fashion jewelry for women. They also feature hats, scarves, belts and an extensive men's collection.

With fewer than 400 consultants nationwide, and an average of 7 consultants per state (many with less than 2), there is ample room for growth.
Each jewelry consultant can choose to work closely with the corporate trainer in weekly one-on-one coaching sessions during the first 6 weeks of the new consultants business.
An online forum for jewelry consultants is also available for additional training.
Monthly training calls led by the corporate trainer and featuring the founding family are a great way to get to knowmore about South Main Designs (tm)
Additional home party training resources to select team members.
40% to start and a 5% bonus with your very FIRST recruit!

Affordable fashion jewelry and accessories no single item in the catalog over $50 means there's something for everyone. More sales means more commissions.

No need to wait until you have a tam of 6 to start earning a team commission. You make 5% on your very first recruit.

Average show sales approximately $500 menas you'll take home $200 in your pocket that night. No waiting for a commission check to arrive.


Read more about South Main Designs (tm) and watch our video at

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Coming soon: Queen of the Spa

It's been months n the making, but it looks like my new TV show will FINALLY happen! YAY!

It's called, Queen of the Spa, and we'll be talking about ways you can make your home and yourself more spa-like. We'll run the gambit from home spa treatments, makeovers and fashion tips, to a wee bit of interior decorating and re-design with our "home spa makeover" segments.

Somewhere between a DIY and Prize Patrol, we'll also have a sement called PAMPER PATROL, where we'll invade someone's space and give them a much-needed "ahhh" moment. It could be something assimple as a hand massage, or as intense as a complete bathroom overhaul. You'll never know uness you tune in.

The catch is, we're on cable access locally, so the only way most of my readers can check us out is via the web.

Stay tuned for updates!